Newborn Photography Editing

Newborn Photography Editing

Following every newborn and baby photography session I select and edit all of the best photographs to the same standard as the ones on my site. But what does this really mean?? Basically I remove any blemishes, scratches and red patches in their skin to leave them with perfectly soft baby skin. All of my images are individually edited in Adobe Photoshop to make sure they are perfect by the time you come back to see them. I use very soft and flattering lighting so that the images are as good as possible straight out of camera. It’s always best to get it right in the first place rather than fix them afterwards.

Here is an example of an image of the very gorgeous Georgie to show you what I mean.

This is the image straight out of camera before any editing. Even though she has very good skin for a newborn, she still has a few milk spots and dry skin.

Newborn Baby Before Editing

Here is the same image with a split down the middle so you can see exactly the editing I do. In addition to touching up and softening her skin I have also put a soft, warm colour across the image to give it that finishing touch.

Baby Photography in London by here is the finished image. When editing newborn photographs it is absolutely vital to keep the balance between editing them so that they look perfect, but not so much that they look like dolls. In Georgie’s example she was quite downy as she was slightly early and if I had edited her images too much that would have been lost.

Baby Photography in London by

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I absolutely love Baby Photography. I have photographed babies for years and have built a dedicated photo studio in Twickenham just outside London. I specialise in Maternity, Newborn and Older baby photographs. I have parents coming to the studio from all over London, Surrey and beyond. I capture beautiful images of babies and their families that are presented in beautiful frames, canvases and albums that will be treasured for years to come. My baby photographs have been featured in ‘Baby London’, one of the UK’s premier magazines for new parents. As a mother of two myself, I understand what all my mums are going through and believe that 90% of my job is being a baby whisperer and 10% photographer! 

If you are looking for a photographer for your bump, newborn or older baby, I would love to have a chat about what images I can create for you. I am always available on my mobile which is 07810 004451 or email me direct at

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