Do we photograph family images at a newborn / toddler photo session

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Do we photograph family shots at a newborn/toddler photo session?

The answer is big YES! We know how important it is to have family around you when you have just given birth and while your children are little. Your life has changed beyond belief and your emotions are going haywire. Capturing those precious moments in time for you to look back upon are important beyond words.

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We want you to look back in 30 years time and still be a part of the memory of your newborn baby. The camera doesn’t just take photos; it captures magical moments and will allow you to remember all the little things a long time after you have forgotten them.

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For shots with newborn’s and their mums the baby is often quite high up to be sensitive to lingering bumps

We include the family as much or as little as you want. We understand that as a new mum you’re probably not feeling your best. Whether it’s the bags under your eyes or your bump which is still quite obvious, we’re very sensitive to your feelings and want them to be photographs you’re happy with.

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This is a more classic family shot.

Our family shots range from the classical family portrait image with your newborn, to giggling ones, ones of you kissing your newborn, flying ones and other shots with you playing fun games with your baby. For those who are slightly camera shy, shots with just your hands also provide powerful and tender images for you to keep.

Baby Photography London

Shots with just hands in them are for the more camera shy out there.

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I absolutely love Baby Photography. I have photographed babies for years and have built a dedicated photo studio in Twickenham just outside London. I specialise in Maternity, Newborn and Older baby photographs. I have parents coming to the studio from all over London, Surrey and beyond. I capture beautiful images of babies and their families that are presented in beautiful frames, canvases and albums that will be treasured for years to come. My baby photographs have been featured in ‘Baby London’, one of the UK’s premier magazines for new parents. As a mother of two myself, I understand what all my mums are going through and believe that 90% of my job is being a baby whisperer and 10% photographer! 

If you are looking for a photographer for your bump, newborn or older baby, I would love to have a chat about what images I can create for you. I am always available on my mobile which is 07810 004451 or email me direct at

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