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Newborn Photography Tips and Information

Every newborn session is totally unique and special. They take place in my specialist baby photography studio in Twickenham which is full of baskets, blankets, backgrounds and cute hats / hairbands. It is very baby friendly with changing facilities, spare nappies and a sofa area where parents can relax (and even sometimes fall asleep).

The newborn photography tips and information below are aimed to help you prepare for your session and give you an idea of what to expect. If you have any other questions please ask.


Newborn sessions are best during the first 2 weeks after a baby is born. This is because they are not only more sleepy but they are also happiest when curled up into cute curly positions. After about 2 weeks they become more used to their surroundings and don’t like being moved once they are asleep. This makes photographing them in many of the newborn poses quite difficult.

I only take in 8 newborn bookings in any 4 week period. Unless you’re having a planned c-section, babies hardly ever arrive on their due date.  As a result by limiting the number of advance bookings we accept,  it guarantees that for those 8 we will definitely be able to fit you in whenever your baby is born.

Preparing for your session

Ideally we need your baby to be milk drunk and very sleepy. Please can you keep them awake for about 1 hour before you leave to ensure they are tired. If you’re struggling to keep them awake then a bath sometimes helps.

Please can you not dress them in anything we will have to take off over their head as this will normally wake them up. A front fastening babygrow would be fine with blankets to keep them warm if needed.

Depending on how far away from the studio you live it may be advisable to either feed just before you leave or once you arrive. I will discuss this with you just before your session.

Most newborn babies have tiny scratches, baby acne or dry skin to varying degrees. Don’t worry about this as we can remove it after the session in post production to give them the perfect baby skin you see in our images. However to help reduce dry skin sometimes a bit of olive oil or other moisturiser suitable for newborn skin can help to reduce it.

The session itself

I only photograph one newborn per day to make sure they are very relaxed and focussed around making both the baby and new parents comfortable. They normally take about 4 – 5 hours to include lots of time for feeds, cuddles, winding, soothing and crankiness. There will be times when I ask for your help during a session but it is worth bringing something to do.

During the session we hope that you will feel as comfortable as possible and will provide you with lunch and refreshments.

During a typical session I will aim to capture images using a variety of different setups and poses to ensure you have a great selection of images. There is an almost endless variety of images and setups we can create. Before the session we will have a chat about any particular colours you like or props you’ve seen us use and would like us to use.

During any session it is inevitable that your little angel will wee and poo on our blankets and baskets. Please don’t be embarrassed by this as it is perfectly natural and expected. We have a very active washing machine so everything gets washed.

Family Images

I think it’s really lovely to be in a couple of the photographs yourselves. Your life has changed beyond word and it’s such a special emotional time that it’s lovely to capture that. Becoming new parents is such an amazing, scary and emotional time that passes all too quickly and there’s nothing like an image of a baby cradled in their dads arms to show that emotion and just how tiny they are. I am very aware that as new mum’s you’re probably not feeling very photogenic and that is why we make sure we position you in flattering ways and avoid your stomach area at all costs.


If you have an older child that you would like to include in the images I can capture some very beautiful images of your children together. Having a new baby brother or sister can be a very unsettling time for a young child. That is why as part of your session I will spend time playing games and photographing your older children to make them feel special as well.

It is inevitable though that older children will get bored during the session so please bring some toys to help occupy them. We do have a TV area (if you’re happy for them to watch TV that is). However in lots of cases we would advise photographing the images that involve them first i.e. the siblings together, your family together and ones of them on their own. This means that if necessary someone can take them to a local park to blow off some steam. We are only a few minutes walk from the wonderful swings and park in Kneller Gardens.

What to bring 

For the family shots I advise neutral coloured clothing and avoid patterns as we want the focus to be on the relationship and intimacy between you and not a distracting checked shirt. It works really well if you’re all in black tops (when I would photograph you on a black background) or all in white (when we would photograph you on a grey background). For men something with a collar works well too as it can help avoid a double chin if you’re looking down at your little one. For mums we can also wrap you in material if you like the idea of a very natural skin on skin image.

Please bring a change of clothes as family shots are quite often when the baby is naked and unfortunately that does come with some risks…. It will also get quite hot during the session so please wear light clothes.

If you have any special blankets, hats, teddies or sporting hobbies and would like to use them in your session please feel free to bring them with you. If you would like to have a chat though your ideas please just ask.

Please also bring anything you may need for a day out. This includes plenty of nappies, wipes and a dummy (if you’re using them) and if your using formula (enough for 2 – 3 feeds). Sometimes a photography session can make a newborn think they are hungrier than normal so additional feeds are necessary.

 What happens after the session?

After the session we select and fully edit all of the best images from your session. From every different setup we select the images with the best angles and cutest expressions. We edit them to remove any scratches, baby acne, dry skin, different skin tone so that they are left with beautiful baby skin.

About 7 – 10 days after the session we arrange for you to come back to view your images and decide how you would like to display your images. We will have given you a price list on the day of the session that lists all of the product options available. We specialise in suppling carefully selected, high quality frames and albums that are not available to buy on the high street. It really is essential that when you come back to view your images you have not only thought about what you would like to do with your images but also measured any walls where you would like to display them. They are available to buy at a later date but the price does increase significantly. Click Here for our terms and conditions.


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