Cake Smash Photography

A cake smash photography session is an amazing way to celebrate a 1st (or 2nd) birthday. They are very different to my normal style of photography but they’re such great fun I love photographing them. Some little ones go straight for the cake, whilst others will poke it a little and some have no idea what to do. However, they soon get the idea. With every cake smash photography session we also photograph some more traditional images of the baby (without the cake), some family shots and a great fun bubble bath at the end.

If you would be interested in arranging a cake smash session please call me on 07810 004451 or fill in the contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions about cake smash photography

  • Who provides the cake? We know of some amazing cake makers who know exactly what it takes to make a great cake smash cake. We will happily arrange the cake for you or give you their details if you would like to organise it yourself. However, if you have another cake maker who you would prefer to use then please do so. I would just check if they have made a cake for a cake smash before as the icing has to be very soft.
  • Where are cake smash sessions photographed? In your home. They don’t actually make that much mess. I can bring with me some pretend floors if you prefer or if you have wooden floors or tiles we can use your own floor for your little one to sit on.
  •  Do you have decorations or themes to style the session with? I have some items such as bunting which we can style your session with. However if you would like additional decorations then I can recommend a few places for you to buy some.
  • What should my baby wear? It’s totally up to you. You can either dress them in a specific cake smash outfit (frilly pants, super hero outfit, etc) or something a bit more normal (which can be just as cute). There are some great outfits at Cake Smash Props – or on Etsy – Tutu’s or pretty dresses work well for girls and dungarees work well for boys. I would avoid anything that has writing or pictures on the babies tummy as when they sit down it will get squashed.
  • How much does cake smash photography cost?   I charge the same for a cake smash session as I do for ‘normal’ older baby sessions. To view my portrait photography prices click here. The only difference is the cost of the cake.


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